December 2016

Our new paper on design and assembly of DNA sequence libraries is out! It paves the way for large scale synthetic chromosome assemblies. You can read it here.







 October 2016

Our fresh paper on the DNA replication in engineered E. coli with additional replication origins is out! It is part of the special issue "Synthetic biology in Europe. You can read it here.







Our special issue on Synthetic Biology is out in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology! The two editors: Gert Bange and Torsten Waldminghaus. Thanks to all contributors! You can read the overview here.





 Juni 2016

Getting a bear mug as thank-you gift for a talk at the Bioloquium at the TU Munich. Thanks to all the great students in Freising!







March 2016

If you want to look at the distribution of your favorite DNA motif on chromosomes you should use our new web tool DistAMo. You can read the paper here.






 July 2015

Our review on synthetic chromosomes is out! It outlines the current state of research and presents some of our ideas. You can read it here.







February 2015

Our review on chromosome domains is out! Its part of a special issue on chromosome segregation. You can read it here.







November 2014

Our first paper on synthetic chromosomes is out! Read the press release here (in German) or look at the paper here.



October 2014

Congratulation to Theodor Sperlea who is now Bachelor of Science and welcome back in the (dry) lab as student assistant.






October 2014

The new promotion brochure about science in Marburg highlights our research. Read more here (in German).







 September 2014

Congratulation to Matthias Bruhn who is now Bachelor of Science and welcome back in the lab as student assistant.





  August 2014

Welcome to Patrick Sobetzko! He is SYNMIKRO-Postdoc for Bioinformatics and associated with the Waldminghaus group.





July 2014

The German Research Council (DFG) decided to finance our project "DNA replication of the two Vibrio cholerae chromosomes".

Read more about the project ...


 March 2014

Read some comments Torsten made in an interview about the exciting yeast 2.0 project of Jef Boeke and friends in this article.




December 2013

Torsten joint the synthetic biology community at the International Symposium on Synthetic Biology in Heidelberg and gave a talk on "Synthetic Secondary Chromosomes in Escherichia coli"


Oktober 2013

Franziska Kemter joins the lab for her Master Thesis.

She will try to find out more about how DNA replication based on oriII of V. cholerae works in E. coli


September 2013

Our new paper in BMC Genomics continues the discussion about ChIP-based methods and the problem of false positive binding site detection.

Schindler D, Waldminghaus T. 2013 "Non-canonical protein-DNA interactions identified by ChIP are not artifacts": response. BMC Genomics. 22;14:638.



This year lab trip was canoing on the river Lahn. The weather was good and the water was wet.


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