Download & Installation



To download MARSeG, please click here.



Prerequisites: Java & Command lines

Java (version equal or higher than 5) is needed to run MARSeG. To test whether Java is installed on you computer, either go to or enter 'java -version' into a command line terminal. If Java is installed, the version number of your Java installation will appear.


Figure 1: Output of 'java -version'.


In order to open a command line prompt

• Mac OS X: Applications → Utilities → Terminal
• Windows: press WinKey + R → enter cmd → press Enter
• Ubuntu/Linux: press Strg + Alt + T


Start MARSeG

After downloading MARSeG and unzipping the content into a new folder, MARSeG is run via the command line. Use the first command line below to change the current directory to the location of MARSeG and the second to start the program:

cd <location of MARSeG>
java -jar /MARSeG.jar.

The output files will appear in the same folder that MARSeG.jar is in.

MARSeG was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 with Java version 1.8.0 and on Windows 7 with Java version 1.7.0.

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