You never walk alone - We and our microbiome 
June 18th, 2019


Biegenstraße 8 | 35037 Marburg

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SYNMIKRO Poster 2019.pdf


Invited Speakers:

Peer Bork, EMBL, Heidelberg

The human microbiome and ist clinical relevance


Michael Blaut, Dt. Inst. f. Ernährungs-forschung, Potsdam

The intestinal microbiome – friend or foe?


Christine Lang, Organobalance, Novozymes, Berlin

Re-balancing the microbiome as a concept for applied research


Ulrich Steinhoff, Med. Mikrobiologie, Marburg

The Bermuda triangel of the gut: Food, bacteria and products highjack the immune system!


Dirk Haller, München

Functional relevance of microbiome signatures



Thomas Kuri, Zymo Research, Freiburg

Improving the Accuracy and Reproducibility of Microbiome Measurements Across Labs


Andreas Schwiertz, MVZ Institut für MIkroökologie Herborn

From science to medical routine - Where do we stand?


Eleanor Jameson, University of Warwick

Phage - future engineers of microbial community function?


Andrey Shkoporov, University College Cork, Ireland

Phage - future engineers of microbial community function?


Michaela Axt-Gadermann, Hochschule Coburg

Gesund mit Darm – Einfluss der Darmflora auf Gewicht, Allergien und Psyche

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