Symposium 2017
Biofilms in Nature, Technology and Medicine

May 4th, 2017  |  9:15 till ~ 18:30

Biegenstraße | 35037 Marburg

TRAVEL - How to reach us

Public transportation (recommended):

Step out of the main train station, cross the road to get to the bus stop. Bus line 1-5 and 7 will go to “Rudolphsplatz”, which is near the venue.

By car:

Coming from north, exit the freeway at “Marburg Bahnhofstrasse“ and turn right at the first traffic light. Follow the course of the road and always stay right, the street will separate into two lanes and join again at the Elisabeth curch. Drive straight ahead until you are in the street called “Pilgrimstein”, you will find a (charged) parking block at your right (green arrows on the map).

Coming from south, exit the freeway at “Marburg Mitte” and turn right twice. Stay at the right line and turn right again after passing the Lahn brigde. After passing the cinemas on your right and on your left, turn left. Turn right at the end of the short street. You are now in the street called “Pilgrimstein”, you will find a (charged) parking block at your left (yellow arrows on the map).

Address of the parking garage for navigation device:

Pilgrimstein 17, 35037 Marburg

Visit for detailed information about more parking decks in Marburg


Accommodation has to be arranged personally. We made a list of recommended hotels which are close to the venue and can be reached easily.


Hotel Vila Vita Rosenpark

Anneliese Pohl Allee 7-17, 35037 Marburg,
Phone: +49-6421 60 05 0


Welcome Hotel Marburg

Pilgrimstein 29, 35037 Marburg,
Phone: +49-6421 918 0


Hotel Marburger Hof

Elisabethstr. 12, 35037 Marburg,
Phone: +49-6421 59075 0


Hotel Haus Müller

Deutschhausstr. 29, 35037 Marburg,
Phone: +49-6421 65659


Youth hostel Marburg

Jahnstr. 1, 35037 Marburg,
Phone: +49-6421 23461

For more information about hotels in Marburg please click here
Marburg Tourismus and Marketing GmbH


Further questions?

In case you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us

Bettina Happel  ( or

Karin Sievers (

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