2021th iGEM Team Marburg: OpenPlast


Plant Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology - an interesting and thriving field that has benefited a lot from recent advances in the biological sciences. More and more tools and resources are constantly emerging in these plant sciences and there are many promising applications that could lead us to a more sustainable and green future - but the slow growth of plants and hence the slower throughput in research is still a hindering factor.

Tackling this issue, this year's team wants to prepare some of the first cell-free extracts from plant chloroplasts. Adapting the cell-free technology for use in chloroplast research could pave the way for unprecedented high-throughput projects studying this important organelle of phototrophic organisms by serving as a prototyping platform.

In recent years, cell-free technologies have shown to be of great interest for researchers in academia and industry alike. We are certain that such Cell-Free Chloroplast systems for various phototrophic organisms will find a wide variety of applications spanning from sophisticated genetic studies to optimized production of value-added products such as biopharmaceuticals.



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