Gert Bange

Gert Bange

Prof. Dr. Gert Bange

SYNMIKRO Research Center
Structural biochemistry
Hans-Meerwein-Straße 6, 35032 Marburg
+49-6421 28 23361

Research Area

The Bange lab studies the molecular inventory of microbes combining structural biochemistry with systems- and cell biology. Key research areas include: i. Assembly and spatial-numerical regulation of microbial surface structures, such as the flagellum, ii. Microbial response to environmental changes, stress and host, iii. Defense/Counter-defense mechanisms between microbe-host and microbe-virus.


Structural biochemistry
X-ray crystallography
Electron microscopy
Hydrogen-Deuterium Masspectrometry (HDX-MS)
Microbe-host interactions
Molecular mechanisms
Stress response

Recent Publications, Last 3 Years

1. Han X, Altegoer F, Steinchen W, Binnebesel L, Schuhmacher J, Glatter T, Giammarinaro PI, Djamei A, Rensing SA, Reissmann S, Kahmann R and Bange G (2019) A kiwellin disarms the metabolic activity of a secreted fungal virulence factor. Nature 565(7741):650-653

2. Osorio-Valeriano M, Altegoer F, Steinchen W, Urban S, Liu Y, Bange G*, Thanbichler M* (2019) ParB-type DNA seggregation proteins are CTP-dependent molecular switches. Cell, 179(7):1512-1524.e15 * Joint corresponding authors

3. Pausch P, Müller-Esparza H, Gleditzsch D, Altegoer F, Randau L, Bange G (2017) Structural variation of type I-F CRISPR RNA guided DNA surveillance. Molecular Cell, 67(4):622-632.

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