LOEWE-Zentrum für Synthetische Mikrobiologie

With more than one hundred scientists SYNMIKRO follows a two-pronged approach - building to understand, and understanding to build - to gain insight into the principles of microbial life and to provide tools needed to tap the potential of microorganisms in modern biotechnology.

22.03.2018 Synthetic Biology - from Understanding to Application

69. Mosbacher Kolloquium (22.03.2018 - 24.03.2018)

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26.09.2017 Junior Group Leader Symposium, September 26th to 28th, 2017

We seek talented, dynamic, independent and highly motivated scientists early in their career who are planning to apply for independent funding

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06.09.2017 Synthetic Metabolism: Designing Photosynthesis 2.0 September 6, 2017

Photosynthesis is a fundamental process in the global carbon cycle that sustains our every day’s food and energy supply.

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Die Synthetische Biologie hat sich in den letzten Jahren profiliert und immer mehr Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler finden sich…

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03.08.2017 Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung fördert die Entwicklung von Zellfabriken zur Herstellung bioaktiver Substanzen

Gezielte Steuerung der Genexpression statt aufwendiger und kostenintensiver Extraktion oder Herstellungsverfahren: Das von Prof. Dr. Lars-Oliver…

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20.07.2017 Fachübergreifendes Team legt Buch zur Bioethik vor

Stufenmodell erleichtert verantwortungsvolles Forschen

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SYNMIKRO Young Researchers Groups

Almost all scientific members of SYNMIKRO are actively involved in DFG’s Collaborative Research Centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche), Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkollegs), or other Cooperative Research projects. Alongside performing adventurous experiments, and reporting excellent science, SYNMIKRO substantially promotes potential Young Research Group Leaders by constantly keeping its doors open to welcome and support Young Researchers planning to set up an Independent Research Group.
Our Young Research Groups